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Telephony Development

Custom Telephony Integration for you

Telephony Development

NextStag offers development, customization and support services for varied CTI needs based on requirements . We can provide you with custom installation and configuration and can integrate your existing legacy application with small to large-scale applications. Our engineers have successfully deployed CTI applications worldwide.

NextStag SoftSwitch enables your application programs to communicate with your phone systems.This computer telephony software lets you increase staff productivity while enhancing your customer relationships and reducing costs. This is accomplished by combining the capabilities of your phone system with the custom functionality of your ERP/CRM/Legacy applications based on Unix and Windows platforms. Custom integrations to the telephony system include analog or digital connection, agent queuing, IVRS capability, Call Detail Records (CDR) and voicemail recordings. We have experience in setting up scalable CTI solutions with end-to-end deployments. Our solution not only involves hardware setup and configuration but also software integration and development.