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Enterprise Softswitch

Voice Switch for your varied needs in CTI

Enterprise SoftSwitch Features

NextStag offers Softswitch with modular and sophisticated architecture, which are designed in customized way to needs of VoIP telecom industry. NextStag Softswitch has following features:

  • PC2PC, PC2Phone, Phone2Phone service support
  • PC2PC, PC2IP-Device, IP-Device2PC and IP-Device2IP-Device free calling support
  • SIP/IAX Protocol Support
  • Multiple SIP/IAX Termination Support
  • Account based termination support
  • Multiple Codec Support
  • Real-time rating engine
  • Multilevel Authentication support
  • IVR Based Authentication support
  • Link searches to trouble-tickets
  • Trace calls between gateways
  • Access rights based on subscriber/domain/proxy
  • Prepaid/Post-paid Billing
  • Accounting management
  • Data import and export in CSV format
  • Guarantees 100% accurate accounting
  • Customize CDR reports
  • LCR Supports (on bases of Buy Rate & Sale Rates)
  • Batch Accounts generation
  • All configuration by web interface

Modules of NextStag SoftSwitch:

  • NextStag VoIP Billing
  • NextStag Sip Proxy server.

Supported Media GatewaysCisco

  • Quintum
  • Audiocodes
  • Any SIP compliant Softswitch

Supported Codecs
  • ULAW
  • ALAW
  • G723
  • G726
  • G729
  • GSM
  • ILBC