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Enterprise Softswitch

Voice Switch for your varied needs in CTI

Enterprise SoftSwitch

What is the Nextstag SoftSwitch?

NextStag SoftSwitch is a fully featured system running on an Asterisk server for prepaid, postpaid system. It includes telephony service logic (IVR) platform, user management, web-based customer signup, automatic PIN creation and authentication.The system also includes a real-time rating engine with self contained billing, reporting and statistics.

Can I get the customized web interface as per my requirements?

Yes you can get customized web interface as per your requirements for a nominal charge.

How many modules are there in Nextstag SoftSwitch?

Nextstag SoftSwitch has Admin billing ,Customer billing, Reseller billing ,Callshop,Callback modules.By default it comes with Admin and customer modules you can additionally get Reseller,Callshop,Callback modules. Additional modules are Conferencing, IP-PBX

My ISP has blocked the VoIP ports still can i use Nextstag SoftSwitch?

Yes, Nextstag SoftSwitch supports IAX protocol which can be used to make calls where the SIP ports are blocked.

What are services integrate with SoftSwitch system?

Nextstag SoftSwitch provides Phone2Phone, Pc2Pc, Pc2phone, IPphone2phone, ATA2Phone services.

Is Nextstag SoftSwitch system scalable?

Yes, Nextstag SoftSwitch is a very much robust and scalable system.You can add a number of SIP Servers and increase productivity.

Can I check the live running calls?

Yes, You can see all concurrent live calls on the system through the admin panel of Nextstag VoIP Billing.Also there is a facility to hangup any live call from the active call display page.

What protocols are supported by Nextstag SoftSwitch?

Nextstag SoftSwitch supports SIP and IAX protocols.

What codecs are supported by Nextstag SoftSwitch?

Nextstag SoftSwitch supports ULAW,ALAW,G723,G726,G729,GSM,ILBC,SPEEX codecs.

Does it has payment gateway support?

Yes, Nextstag SoftSwitch has inbuilt paypal payment gateway support.

What are the recharge options available for the customers?

Customer can recharge his account through the customer web panel or through IVR recharge.

What type of reports I can generate?

Nextstag SoftSwitch generates CDR report,monthly traffic report,daily load report,batch report,recharge report,calls compare report etc.

Does it has multi language support on customer web portal?

Yes, Nextstag SoftSwitch has multi language customer web portal support.

Does it has multi language IVR?

Yes, Nextstag SoftSwitch has multi language IVR support.

What devices can be used to make calls using SoftSwitch?

You have freedom to use SIP Softphone,IAX Softphone,ATA,IP-Phone to make calls.

What features Nextstag SoftSwitch offers to the customers(end users)?

For customer there are various features like see account details,edit personal information,change password,see CDR report,recharge account,add caller id and web callback etc.

Does it has callback support?

Yes.It has callback support,by opting callback addon module you can avail web,email,sms,ANI callback.