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CallBack Suite

NextStag products for VoIP businesses

CallBack Suite

NextStag offering CallBack services for VoIP Businesses. While in a typical call the caller dials the called party directly, using a CallBack scenario, a CallBack server dials the caller who trigger a call, obtains a destination number via a CallBack system, dials that number and connects the call. Because of the reversed call path and utilization of VoIP technology, VoIP service providers can save money and also can pass some of those savings in the form of lower prices to end-users. The CallBack business typically attracts entrepreneurs who want to enter the VoIP market.

CallBack Solution

NextStag CallBack Solutions includes multiple medium for triggering a callback viz., Phone, E-mail, SMS, web and Chat. Voip service providers can integrate & deploy CallBack Solutions with NextStag Calling Card and VoIP B