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ANI Callback system

ANI-based Callback Trigger Platform

ANI CallBack

ANI CallBack Brochure

VoIP Businesses invoke initiate low-cost international & national phone calls by using ANI/CLI CallBack Solution. The ANI/CLI CallBack Solution is ideal for business travelers or you are not able to reachable Internet or VoIP network is accessible in you location.

How it works:

  • The user calls an access number (local or international phone number) and hangup call ( ANI callback API disconnects the call without picking up the phone, so that the user is not charged for the call.)
  • The user is authenticated by his/her phone number that one store in system.
  • ANI API calls back, giving the user a dial tone with IVR message, retrieving the dialed number and establishing a VoIP call with the destination party.